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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Hang Seng Index: 14 January 2016, Thursday, 11.20am Singapore Time

Hang Seng Index: 
14 January 2016, Thursday, 11.20am Singapore Time

Stock Market View in General, using Hong Kong Hang Seng as example.

If Hang Seng Index breaks down the trend support as above, a brewing crisis may be in place in stock markets this year; if financial crisis is to be averted this year, markets must be willing to rebound from here and break up the right shoulder at 23623.1 points.

My judgement:
A last and final escape wave rebound up, followed by an Asia-triggered financial crisis. 
However, due to how prepared every one is for financial crisis in this year, any crisis should not come in 2016.

Hence 2016, may likely be more of a year of one last and final escape wave (final dead cat bounce) for Europe and Asia. It may also be flat or directionless for Asia in 2016. It will likely be a year of one last wave up for US to complete its 5-wave up structure since 2008. One thing is for sure: the game of stacko, stack, stack, stack... The stack is looking increasingly unstable. There are still attempts to stack up and salvage, but the Centre of Gravity is getting more and more shaky due to the poor foundations of the stacko game. Markets still have capability to put a few more blocks of stack in 2016, but is ready to topple anytime, of which my take is 2017/2018.
 This is the analogy of the markets 2008-2018.

Stock market crash as splashed all over media, in my analyses, will not happen in 2016.

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