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Saturday, 16 January 2016

NASDAQ 100 Index: 16 January 2016, Saturday, 12.37am Singapore Time

NASDAQ 100 Index: 
16 January 2016, Saturday, 12.37am Singapore Time

Attached above is the NASDAQ-100 index, an alternative to NASDAQ Composite, and slightly more bullish than NASDAQ Composite.
There is massive fear out there tonight in Europe, US and Asia.
 This is when I am coming in tonight: I am longing and buying on fear tonight.

Market is bottoming out short term per my FFA and TA judgement coupled together. 
And I am buying tonight. On fear.
NASDAQ, you shall have my kiss tonight.
Tonight is the night... ...

* Worldwide Funds Flow Analysis (FFA):
no shorts meaning this is healthy correction for NASDAQ
* Technical Analysis (TA):
 price satisfaction for end of correction

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