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Monday, 25 January 2016

Hang Seng Index Technical Analysis: 25 January 2016, Monday, 10.59am Singapore Time

Hang Seng Index Technical Analysis: 
25 January 2016, Monday, 10.59am Singapore Time

This bear market rally in 2016 will make a confirmation of Hong Kong's Bear Market if the treacherous backtest of support-turned-resistance is successful.

I am back for some Hong Kong actions today. I am buying the breakdown when markets are too full of rampant shorts. Smart monies will wipe out shortists like how you finish your business, wipe your backside, throw the toilet paper full of shorts and finally flush it all gone. Cleaning job by markets to come.

Bullish escape wave is coming. After markets finish eating the yummy shorts, markets are then free to invite the bear to go for some diarrhoea session again.

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