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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Swiss Francs (CHF) and USDCHF: 17 March 2019, Sunday, Singapore Time

Swiss Francs (CHF) and USDCHF:
17 March 2019, Sunday, Singapore Time

The Swiss Francs was a topic discussed in one of my funds flow specialist group for funds flow learners.  It was picked up by one of the funds flow learners because the funds flow set up has now reached a state consistent with the funds flow theory on sharks and whales, how they lay the net and how they execute a trawler where even large traders, large institutions and large fishes will all get killed. The funds flow set up is now similar to the Swiss Franc melt-up of January 2015 (more than 2000+ pips in a single day). A check on the technical chart suggests most people would had been buying USD and shorting the Swiss Franc -- meaning USDCHF will go down per the worldwide funds flow to inflict maximum loss for maximum people.

The Donovan Norfolk Rating:
CHF Bullish Bias, EUR Bullish Bias
USDCHF Bearish, USD selling pressure 
(Commodities, Energy, Crude Oil hence experience increasing buying pressure)

 Funds Flow Analysis
Funds Flow Analysis


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