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Saturday, 2 March 2019

DBS Bank: 2 March 2019, Saturday, 1.16pm Singapore Time

DBS Bank: 
2 March 2019, Saturday, 1.16pm Singapore Time

Attached is the Technicals for DBS Bank that is listed in the Singapore SGX. It is the Donovan Norfolk Rated Top Stock of Singapore. Black Circled Region: The Donovan Norfolk Live Warnings back in Nov-Dec 2018 to buy the best stock such as DBS on the dip (when 90% of the herd were calling for bear market) because based on Funds Flow Theory -- The Super Root of All Funds Flow, there is to be no bear market. This was despite trade war fear at the maximum level. Most investors and traders were calling for bear market using technical analysis, but technical analysis fails most of the time. The knowledgeable funds flow practitioners combined fundamental analysis, technical analysis and funds flow analysis.

DBS Bank on track for 1st TP of $40.00 and 2nd TP of $53.42 respectively.
A number of fans whom I know will be making $100k-$1m in profits in this sole single trade without leverage. See you there, at the peak. When the true peak comes, just apply Root of All Funds Flow concepts, you will know what is true peak what is not, and separate yourself from the ignorant herd. Additional note: when DBS sets the pace up, it implies STI set to go up more, and Asia-Pacific is in good healthy uptrend.

The Donovan Norfolk Technical Rating:
Bullish with no end in sight for 2019.

 Funds Flow Analysis
Funds Flow Analysis


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