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Monday, 4 March 2019

Bank of America (NYSE: BAC): 4 March 2019, Monday, 5.55pm Singapore Time

Bank of America (NYSE: BAC): 
4 March 2019, Monday, 5.55pm Singapore Time

Attached is the Technicals for Bank of America, one of the DNA-Rated Top Banks of US (NYSE: BAC). The green circled region is where my live analyses 5 months ago forewarned that we have 0% CHANCE of BEAR MARKET, because Super Root of All Funds Flow does not allow for any bear market at current stage of market cycle.

In my analyses in end-2018, the broad markets especially the banks and index stocks were a buy on fear, and I had analysed that all markets will recover sharply especially in the US -- the strongest markets in the world. It is all enacting per preempted. After the shakeout, there is now a fast +50% profits for all macro-flow funds flow practitioners who had bought BoA on the fear, a speed faster than what I had anticipated, suggesting massive strength in the markets.

The current deliberate gap-up in light green will not have any intention to be covered, so as to inflict the maximal pain on the majority of the markets who had shorted on bearish news and bear market thoughts of conviction (remember, I had taught that news are stale by the time they are out). Enjoy the popcorn as shortists worldwide will help push the markets to new historical highs -- with their fast mounting losses.

The Donovan Norfolk Technical Rating:
Bullish, with no end in sight.
(Multifold gain can even be expected from the Elephant)

 Funds Flow Analysis
Funds Flow Analysis


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