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Saturday, 16 March 2019

Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies (Do not be buying the breakups of resistances): 16 March 2019, 10.48pm Singapore Time

Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies 
(Do not be buying the breakups of resistances): 
16 March 2019, 10.48pm Singapore Time

By virtue of funds flow worldwide, Bitcoins' and Cryptocurrencies' breakups of technical resistances will not hold. The break-ups will turn into FAKE breakups and resume with a smash down -- a real breakdown. This will kill many Bitcoin dreamers and CryptoCurrency speculators for another big round as most of them have bought into the breakups and the "bottoms" now. Prepare to see another round of nasty killing on cryptocurrency buyers who tried to catch the bottom as well as the breakup of symmetrical triangle using technical analysis. Many days of corrective up-wave had been set up for them to buy, and the trap has been laid.

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 Funds Flow Analysis
Funds Flow Analysis


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