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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Sembcorp Marine: 11 April 2018, Wednesday, 2.35pm Singapore Time

Sembcorp Marine: 
11 April 2018, Wednesday, 2.35pm Singapore Time
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I am adding some more buys on Sembcorp Marine @ 2.25 today 11 April 2018 Wednesday after my buy adds @ $2.22 yesterday 10 April 2018 Tuesday, and my buy adds on Sembcorp Marine @ $2.16 on 9 April 2018 Monday. Sembcorp Marine is a builder of oil rigs, floaters, offshore platforms, ships and niche chips. I am looking for at least +100% gains in my buys, longs and investments.  I am hyper bullish on the stock just as I am very bullish on Crude Oil since $30 per barrel (refer past track records).  In addition I continue to be bullish on the super-cycle scale in shipbuilding, shipping, commodities , raw materials, metals and energy-crude oil sectors worldwide.

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