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Friday, 6 April 2018

Funds Flow Analysis of Hengyuan Refining Company (KLSE: 4324): 6 April 2018, Friday, 2.29am Singapore Time

Funds Flow Analysis of Hengyuan Refining Company (KLSE: 4324): 
6 April 2018, Friday, 2.29am Singapore Time
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Attached is the Funds Flow on Hengyuan Refining Company (KLSE: 4324). In March 2017, Hengyuan Refining Company flipped from Sellers' Market to Buyers' Market. The smart money funds flow remained healthy until in February-March 2018 when some big hands unloaded very large longs in a very sharp and market disorderly manner. This subsequently caused net funds flow of Hengyuan to deviate freakishly from its close peg Hibiscus Petroleum. Currently, the funds flow of Hengyuan is at neutral net zero inflow and is still not a Sellers' Market. We are still in early phase of a super-cycle crude oil bull market. For any profit-making crude oil company (with reasonable balance sheet) to be in zero net inflow in funds flow would be unthinkable and ridiculous. This means smart monies will be rushing in anytime now to scoop the bottom. Any smart money that is brilliant will want to do so before other smart monies will want to rush in to scoop the bottom too. It will be a fight to get undervalued stocks. In a supercycle crude oil market, anything below supercycle's technical support band of $8-$12 for Hengyuan is all of wrong pricing mechanism. Judgement: Hengyuan $19.00 pivot is still expected to break up convincingly under the backdrop of supercycle bull in commodities and energy-crude oil. Refer to past USD, Crude Oil and Commodity analyses for inter-market analyses' triangulation.

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