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Monday, 2 April 2018

PUC (KLSE: 0007) Supplementary Technical Chart: 2 April 2018, Monday, 11.35am Singapore Time

PUC (KLSE: 0007) Supplementary Technical Chart: 
2 April 2018, Monday, 11.35am Singapore Time
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Why did PUC suddenly super rally again?
【Extremely Powerful Momentum Concepts For Your Learning】
In the bull-bear fight in the window of consideration, the momentum of +61% against the momentum of -26% (overwhelming superiority for buyers) discouraged sellers in the market from selling for the long term and mid term. It would be silly to sell any significant amount against strong upmove momentums. Any selling will just be limited to short term basis and often will end with just weak selling. Once the momentum at -26% level is touched as per past history, it triggers PUC's super rally again during bull market. This encourages buying on the momentum since it had already been established in the momentums that buyers had been winning overwhelmingly in the mid term and long term, and the stock is favouring upwards momentums and not in favour of downwards momentums (+61 against -26).

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