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Thursday, 29 June 2017

USDCNH Implications: The Coming Money Flood into Asia Markets

USDCNH Implications: 
The Coming Money Flood into Asia Markets
29 June 2017, 9.55am Singapore Time
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Attached above is the technicals for USDCNH indicating the price actions of the US Dollar against the Chinese Yuan (Renminbi). My live warnings in end-2016 and early-2017, forewarning that the USD will sell off on FED tightening and FED rate hikes, is being enacted in the forex markets right now and my warnings that hot monies will flood into Asia is also in the brewing right now. Using Chinese Yuan as litmus (weak currency benchmark in Asia), the strength in Chinese Yuan and the real direction of Yuan brewed in 2017 means that all Asian currencies will be bullish and that smart monies are accelerating their money flood into Asia (stocks and equities). Financial markets in Asia will hyper rally as forewarned in 1H-2016 and 2H-2016 during the gloom and doom of 2016.

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