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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Healthway Medical: 6 June 2017, Tuesday, 9.32am Singapore Time

Healthway Medical: 
6 June 2017, Tuesday, 9.32am Singapore Time

Attached above is the technicals for Healthway Medical showing where the high volume buys are and where the selling absorption by the smart monies occur. There is even an S.O.P of healthy volume flow using the wait-and-see approach before resumption of buying occurred. The pink region is the typical technical analysis deceptions which occur in forex and index markets where the upper candle tail is used to dupe and mislead most people into selling cheaply while smart monies take over the buys at dirt cheap prices. If you follow standard technical analysis theories, the theories will often deceive you big time if you do not use advanced volume flow deductions, typical of market operations. Healthway is expected to break up 0.059, and if it breaks up this resistance, it will go into continued strong rally mode and join the rising tide that lifts almost all boats worldwide in 2017 and 2018.

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