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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

COMFORT (KLSE: 2127): 13 June 2017, Tuesday, 8.28am Singapore Time

COMFORT (KLSE: 2127): 
13 June 2017, Tuesday, 8.28am Singapore Time
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Attached above is the technicals for COMFORT, a stock that is listed in the KLSE. This stock has broken up double blue-lined classical resistance band to indicate resumption of long term up-move. All the green volume bars and red volume bars boxed within the light orange zone have been buy volumes. This was then followed up with 1.5 year of long term re-accumulation volumes below 0.815 and 0.77. Impulsive buying volume with mark-up in prices has resumed. This stock will now launch a rally to go beyond the entire multi-year high of the whole chart. Price of this stock will shoot through the roof.

Additional note:
For people who are confused by the market movements, for 2H-2017 and 1H-2018, financial markets are doing healthy consolidation of stock market indices, big-caps and larger mid-caps, it is for the smaller mid-caps and small caps to run up and catch up on the leaders while index undergoes some healthy correction. This is the market cycle we are in as the large cycle runs to mid year of 2017 now. Based on market actions in major financial centres of Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, Paris, Frankfurt and New York, these centres continue to give healthy volume flow litmus that indicate that the worldwide powerful rally in stocks and equities is still far from over and will continue to run up for the rest of 2017 and 2018. For every 10 stocks, 8 will rally in this rising tide that continues to lift all boats. 
2017 and 2018 remains a big bull market for almost all stocks as well as the precious metals of Gold and Silver.

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