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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

CAREPLS (KLSE: 0163): 6 June 2017, Tuesday, 9.51am Singapore Time

CAREPLS (KLSE: 0163): 
6 June 2017, Tuesday, 9.51am Singapore Time

Attached above is the technicals for CAREPLS, a stock that is listed in the KLSE (KLSE: 0163). The full volume flow of the stock is as highlighted on chart. Buying is impulsive, selling is corrective and of low drying volume. The entire blue lined classical resistance at 0.38 has been used for large re-accumulation (Long term secret buying below 0.38). There is massive re-accumulation of buys below 0.38. On induction, this stock will rally beyond all time highs for another at least +100% to +800% to 1000% profits as upside. Signal of intention is clear now.

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