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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

SingPost: 10 January 2017, Tuesday, 4.33pm Singapore Time

10 January 2017, Tuesday, 4.33pm Singapore Time

Attached above is the technicals of SingPost (Singapore Post), a stock that is listed in the SGX Singapore Market. SingPost is pioneering and leading in eCommerce logistics as well as providing innovative mail and logistics solutions in Singapore and the Asia Pacific. Alibaba has a strong stake in SingPost. Both SingPost and Alibaba are set to benefit from the huge expansion of Alibaba's foray into America. SingPost is a stock that has moved up per my 2016 bullish warnings that markets are bullish and that smart monies worldwide will go into quality stocks all over the world first.
Based on price actions and technical price structure of Bullish Ascending Triangle as illustrated, smart monies continue to be strongly invested in the stock. SingPost continues to be a healthy and quality stock with plenty of upside. Very bullish for 2017.




Strong Stock, Strong Company.

Side-Note 1:
Both powerful parents, Alibaba and Sovereign Wealth Fund Temasek, have strong stakes in SingPost.

Side-Note 2:
Shipping of US goods from US to China and Asia-Pacific. This is huge volume. Of all logistics and shipment companies, Alibaba had bought humongous stakes in Singpost over the recent few years. What does it tell you? Who or which child node will benefit with Alibaba the parent? Of course the major shareholder Alibaba will give all the fat fruits to SingPost, so that Alibaba the parent gains even more too. This makes shrewd business sense. The amount of shipment and benefits will be very huge. Temasek and Singapore will benefit big time as well. Now jigsaw all of these together. Is the picture clear now why SingPost stocks is a free money raining from the Alibaba-Heli-Don?

DNA Technical Rating:
Very Bullish with more upsides to come in 2017

Important Cross Reference:
(Very important analysis on Alibaba as well)

【Worldwide stock markets to have super rally in 2017 as forewarned during the start of 2016】
【There will be a rising tide that raises almost all boats in the stock markets all over the world】

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