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Friday, 6 January 2017

Mermaid Maritime Technical Analysis: 6 January 2016, Friday, 11.10am Singapore Time

Mermaid Maritime Technical Analysis: 
6 January 2016, Friday, 11.10am Singapore Time

Attached above is the technicals of Mermaid Maritime, a stock that is listed in the SGX Singapore Market. The red circled regions are my live warnings in 2013-2015 to get out of the maritime, oil, energy and offshore rig and offshore drilling stocks and also Asian stock markets in general. The 2016 region highlighted in light green is my live warnings in 2016 that smart monies worldwide are maximum buys in stock and equity markets all over the world based on Funds Flow Calculations. Based on re-accumulation volume, majority of smart monies' holdings are held in the range of 9-cents to 17-cents range. This means we can expect 34 cents target is a mere minimum +100% profit target as we are on a re-newed strong bull rally worldwide as forewarned in early 2016 when maximum gloom was reached. More rallies expected in 2017.

【Worldwide stock markets to have super rally in 2017 as forewarned during the start of 2016】
【There will be a rising tide that raises almost all boats in the stock markets all over the world】

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