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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

SGX Technical Analysis: 17 January 2017, Tuesday, 12.30pm Singapore Time

SGX Technical Analysis: 
17 January 2017, Tuesday, 12.30pm Singapore Time

Attached above is the technicals of Singapore Exchange Ltd (SGX), the shares price of the stock exchange of Singapore. It has broken out its mid term correction and is resuming a new long term uptrend. Short term is also an uptrend, ending the mid term correction for a long term resumed upmove for the whole of 2017 to come. Bullish bias. Stocks across the board will see volumes continue to pick up in this rising tide that lifts all boats as per forewarned in 2H-2016 before it happens. Refer to all past track records.

Stocks in Singapore will see volumes flooding into the market again.
Stocks in Asia-Pacific will see volumes flooding into the region too.

DNA Technical Rating:
Expected to rally for the rest of 2017 as forewarned in 2H-2016
(Target Price for Traders and Investors: $10.00 Psychological Resistance)

Advantages accruing to investors and traders: 
1. Dividends
2. Capital Appreciation
3. Quality Stock 
4. Blue Chip with significant room for price appreciation
5. Straits Times Index (STI) Component Stock which will rise together with STI
6. Safe Stock: hence the choice of investing significant amount of capital in SGX shares can be considered as relatively safe 
7. SGX is a stock with an internationally good reputation

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