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Monday, 21 November 2016

Hang Seng Index: 21 November 2016, Monday, 11.10am Singapore Time

Hong Kong Hang Seng Index Reflecting World Financial Markets: 
21 November 2016, Monday, 11.10am Singapore Time

Attached above is the Hang Seng Index reflecting the state of the financial markets in Hong Kong.
Smart Monies' average re-accumulated longs/buys holdings in stocks is as per highlighted in GREEN. They will protect and support all these zones. The HK market is also illustrative of all markets worldwide.
As per reiterated in 1H-2016 to buy stock market indices and to buy stocks on the dip, following smart monies, we are now at higher ground as fore-warned earlier in the year. We are now in the state of preparation for a further even more powerful rally in 2017. Stock markets all over the world will have a super powerful bull rally in 2017.

A new rising tide as forewarned amidst the gloom and doom during early-2016 will lift almost all stock-equity boats in the financial markets in 2017. In addition, penny stocks all over the world will rocket to the sky from 2017.

Added and invested in more longs on Hang Seng Index (A Basket of HK Blue Chips)

DNA Worldwide Financial Markets' Technical Rating for 4Q-2016 and 2017:
Very Bullish
(Buy on Correction Dips)


  1. Hi Donovan, thanks for your post on HSI. Was wondering if you have the time, would you be able to post a TA on one of the index heavyweight stock, Tencent (700 HK)? Thanks.

    1. Tencent's TA is nothing much to analyse on. Tencent is a strong stock. Its uptrend will continue in 2017 and any correctional dip is a comeback boat to add more.