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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Nikkei 225: The Super Cycle Resistance-Breakup and the 2nd Rise of Japan

Nikkei 225: 
The Super Cycle Resistance-Breakup and the 2nd Rise of Japan

Attached is the weekly chart of Nikkei 225, the stock market index of Japan.
Japan has broken up its super cycle resistance, confirmed the resistance-turned-support as illustrated above and is on the way to super cycle highs in the next few years. Market has forewarned that Abenomics is to be successful. Quoting from the wiki: "Abenomics consists of monetary policy, fiscal policy, and economic growth strategies to encourage private investment. Specific policies include inflation targeting at a 2% annual rate, correction of the excessive yen appreciation, setting negative interest rates, radical quantitative easing, expansion of public investment, buying operations of construction bonds by Bank of Japan (BOJ), and revision of the Bank of Japan Act."

The economy of Japan will be akin to a phoenix that rises from the ashes. Japan will be a rising force again.

Nikkei-225 Index Target: 28,000 points
Raging Bull Run in Japan. 
Buy and Hold.
Japan may also be set to benefit significantly under Donald Trump's administration as the US president.

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