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Friday, 16 May 2014

TESCO: 16 May 2014, Friday, 8.05pm Singapore Time

TESCO: 16 May 2014, Friday, 8.05pm Singapore Time

Bought TESCO at 309.55 pence.
This is the 5% stock that will go up despite 95% of broad market to go down, or at least this stock will have a powerful relief rally rebound.

+ TESCO breakdown of 2012 January has ALREADY achieved full price satisfaction in the past few weeks.
+ Weak holders are shaken out by constant fear-mongering negative news: BULLISH
+ Weak holders are also shaken out by the well-timed fake break-down (BLUE CIRCLE above): BULLISH
LATEST: India Elections Results out. Narendra Modi's win will spur TESCO spike in the mid-long term
+ TESCO as a company is attempting to turn its tables.

Donovan Norfolk Technical Rating:
Strong Buy

TESCO available for trading/investing in IGmarkets.

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