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Thursday, 15 May 2014

EURUSD: 15 May 2014, Thursday, 9.50pm Singapore Time

EURUSD: 15 May 2014, Thursday, 9.50pm Singapore Time

If you are lost and do not know why Stocks-Equities Markets, Financial Markets and Forex Markets are selling off against the USD, the above will shine light on you so that you are no longer lost as to what is happening:

The chart attached above illustrates where we are right now in the all-important EURUSD MARKET.

If both the YELLOW SUPPORT & PINK SUPPORTS break down, the next resumption in Euro Crisis / Euro Worry resumes. 

Worldwide sell-off in stocks and equities.

DJIA is plunging -102.9 points now.
This triangulated sell-off was also warned 3 days ago on 12 May when there were suddenly huge shorts/sells coming in the financial stocks-equities markets worldwide. Time-stamped analysis below:

Donovan Norfolk Ang Rating:
Bearish until Yellow Support and Pink Supports at least get tested

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  1. Sir...what do u say about indian nifty now...as broken all resistances.u still of the same view...selloff??? Thx