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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Genting Singapore: 31 May 2014, Saturday, 2.16pm Singapore Time

Genting Singapore: 31 May 2014, Saturday, 2.16pm Singapore Time
Chart courtesy of Chartnexus.com

Attached above is the daily chart of Genting Singapore

Genting Singapore is being deliberately suppressed as highlighted above in the RED RECTANGLE.
These RED CIRCLES AND RED RECTANGLES are also the warnings where I had issued to get out of the stocks and equities markets in my live analyses.
Genting Singapore has completed its large scale long term consolidation and is resuming its very long term downtrend.

Based on Genting Overall Price Structure, Volume Analysis, Funds Flow Analysis, Fundamental Analysis of Worldwide Economic Situations in the following few years to come,

Guaranteed Bear Market Target for Genting Singapore is to:

1. Break down $1.00 as first target (another -23.4% downside from here)
2. Hit  $0.865 (86.5cents) as second final target (another -35.6% downside from here )
3. A bigger dead cat bounce can only take place at around 86.5cents to back-test $1.00 as new-support-turned resistance.

Downside is tremendous
(another -23.4% to -35.6% from current point)

Genting SP is available also in international brokerages such as IGmarkets.

Donovan Norfolk Technical Rating:
(Sell/Short at the Zones above)

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