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Sunday, 28 February 2016

EURCHF and recent Stock Market Performance: 28 February 2016, 5.00pm Singapore Time

EURCHF and recent Stock Market Performance: 
28 February 2016, 5.00pm Singapore Time

Attached is the advanced T.A of the recent BUMP-AND-RUN technical operation of the EURCHF. The technical aspects of the move are coupled with correlations to the recent stock market performances. Full illustrations as highlighted in chart.

Continued bearishness in EURCHF expected so that continued bullish rebounds in stocks-equities worldwide are still to be expected in the short-mid term.

There are still too many people calling for stock market crashes.
People are getting bearish.
Any stock crash will not happen this year as many Toms, Dicks and Harries are calling for it.
Most of the herd will be in for big surprises this year.


Someone asked why is EURCHF weakness starting to be able to reflect bullishness in international stocks-equities markets?

Because it indicates the cheap euro that is artificial and man-made is stimulating Eurozone effectively. When Swiss Franc was pegged to Euro previously, this conclusion with respect to stocks-equities markets cannot be made because in the Principles of Economics, cheap Euro could be due to European economic weakness and a pegged Swiss Franc clouds Eurozone performances.

However, after the de-peg of the Swiss Francs with the removal of ceiling, if Euro is cheap and Swiss Francs is strong, it means that the cheap Euro is lifting Eurozone as a whole effectively, which is why Euro remains man-made suppressed, while Swiss Franc subjects to demand-supply of upmove due to Eurozone recovery. This is stimulative for international stock markets.

For those who want to up analysis level, triangulation level and inter-market accuracy, the above is a must read.

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