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Thursday, 11 February 2016

NASDAQ-100 Technical Analysis For Your Learning of My Mistake: 11 February 2016, Thursday, 2.15pm Singapore Time

NASDAQ-100 Technical Analysis For Your Learning of My Mistake: 
11 February 2016, Thursday, 2.15pm Singapore Time

This is a follow up of my longs previously on 16 Jan 2016:

Attached above is the 4-Hourly Chart for NASDAQ 100 Index as well as my longs entry, stops placed and exit point. The positions in large contracts turned from heavy wins into heavy losses in just one sudden flip, and I am choosing to exit to preserve trading portfolio capital. It is a tough decision, since Funds Flow Analysis worldwide is still a no-shorts. Exiting positions with losses, -US$54,351 USD, from NASDAQ-100 Longs as part of risk management approach. Painful but adopting disciplined risk management since in the 4-hourly chart, selling is more impulsive than any rebound.

Above are the losses in ($) US Dollar (USD).
Below are the losses converted into (SD) Singapore Dollar (SGD).

Losses in this trade:
-S$ 77,065 SGD
(-US$ 54,351 USD)

S$ 330,710 - S$ 77,065
= + S$ 253,645 SGD

Trading Journal:

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  1. Hi Donovan
    It mus indeed be painful. However, I admire your discipline. Takes strength. Thank you for posting and sharing.

    May I ask, what platform do you use for your charts and trading?

  2. thanks for sharing. your trading record is very impressive.

    just one question, the stop loss point seems very far from the entry, do you mind to share the target price before entering the trade, because from risk reward ratio point of view, the risk seems to be on the high side.

    many thanks again for the wonderful blog!