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Friday, 19 February 2016

Gold Technical Analysis: 19 February 2016, Friday, 10.20pm Singapore Time

Gold Technical Analysis: 
19 February 2016, Friday, 10.20pm Singapore Time

Attached above is the Gold asset class analysis as well as the Gold forewarnings with respect to the stocks and equities asset class forewarnings which I had reiterated from 2013-2016. 
The market is enacting all that i had forewarned as well as why and how Gold and Gold ETF investors (who held gold instead of stocks) emerge as greatest winners, an entire process of financial operations which I had said every day from 2013-2015.

It is an important read for those who want to learn from their investment mistakes in the financial markets.


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  2. hi don. what do you thınk about sılver?

  3. Whats your forecasting for gold silver ratio in 2016

    1. Hi Kamil, unfortunately, I don't do gold-silver-ratio modelling although it may be quite a good idea.

  4. Hi Don...
    Is there any update about gold ?

  5. Hi Don...
    Is there any update about gold ?