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Friday, 12 February 2016

France CAC40 Index Technical Analysis: 12 February 2016, Friday, 5.26pm Singapore Time

France CAC40 Index Technical Analysis: 
12 February 2016, Friday, 5.26pm Singapore Time

Attached above is the weekly chart of the France CAC40 Index.
Europe are in the midst of testing critical supports, while Asia has already broken down critical supports.

Worldwide markets are expected to have a critical escape wave rebound in 1H2016, and the above dark brown arrow shows how the French markets may execute its shoulder head shoulder last escape wave before the bear market takes over.

Asian Markets: 
Bear Market, awaiting bear market escape wave rally (Bear Market Rally/Final Escape Wave)

European Markets
In transition for final re-distribution (Rebound for Last Phase Re-Distribution)

US Markets: 
final phase of bull market (Last Wave Up to End Bull Market)

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