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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Golden Agri Technical Analysis: 25 February 2016, Thursday, 2.10pm Singapore Time

Golden Agri Technical Analysis: 
25 February 2016, Thursday, 2.10pm Singapore Time
Chart courtesy of Chartnexus.com

Attached above is the Technical Analysis of Golden Agri Resources, a commodity stock that is listed in Singapore, and is a good litmus as to how worldwide palm oil, palm oil stocks and commodity stocks will perform.

Technical Analysis in Depth: 
1. Selling dried up
2. Buying in heavy volumes took over
3. The entire circled region is where my live Funds Flow Analysis indicated Smart Monies are zero shorts and had been buying commodities and commodity stocks worldwide in preparation for the great commodities rally (commodities bear market rally).
4. Target price is 54.5cents for Golden Agri
5. Fools are those who willingly subject themselves to be brainwashed by international media, and who do not have a mind of their own to decipher from what is right and what is wrong (the herd busy selling, the big monies busy taking the opposite side buying)

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