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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Noble Group Technical Analysis: 3 March 2016, Thursday, 6.05pm Singapore Time

Noble Group Technical Analysis: 
3 March 2016, Thursday, 6.05pm Singapore Time

Attached above is the Weekly Chart of Noble Group charted in the morning today but embargoed and released only now.

When Noble Group was beyond $1.00, at the range of $1.00-$1.20, the stock was forewarned in the analysis site here that it will go into trouble and nose dive for some massive losses for its investors, with my nasty Guaranteed Target of 80cents as first target and 40cents as second target respectively:

Both targets have now been reached and the price satisfaction been concluded recently. S&P has also come out 3 days ago with precision to my past price targets to cut Noble Group's credit rating, adding despair and fear to the commodity stock, further adding icing to the cake in helping big monies to buy back their shorts easily. Using fear tactics. The time is ripe now for buying in preparation for a massive rebound while most people (the herd) are in fear and bearish. Many people have lost significant amount of money as forewarned. They are still, with repeatedly infinite loops, being brainwashed by the media on the wrong side again. They are bearish now. Now is the time for those who had gotten out in time from the shelling to pour in investment ammunition while many have lost theirs badly and are bearish now just as I had forewarned to happen too.

The commodity stock, just as with all commodities stocks as pre-warned in late-2015 and early-2016, will be preparing for a large bear market rally. This bear market rally will be significant from current prices, it will do a multifold price rise before resuming a long term bear market. A minimum of +100% profits is to be expected from here for Noble Group.

When Helicopter Don is bearish, wisen up and better open your eyes wide. 
When Helicopter Don is bullish, better not be the opposite side of the helicopter. 


  1. May I know on what basis would Noble rally? As in even for TA, there should be some sound thesis to back up your prediction, right? Also STI just kicked Noble out of the 30 components. Look forward to hear your views. *Thumbs up* for the shorting prediction :)

  2. 1. On the basis of price action interactions along the down channel.
    2. On the basis of S&P Credit Rating Cut on Noble. Big Hands need to cover shorts on Noble already. They will re-short only when the meat is fat again. Now the meat is lean.
    3. On the basis on break up in the chart.
    4. On the basis of selling dry in this stock.
    5. On the basis of all shorting price satisfactions having been achieved on the Noble chart attached.
    6. Too many people are bearish and calling for crash.
    7. For those who are new to the market, please allow me to share some insights. Based on past history, in the following few weeks after being jostled out from the index, the kicked out index stock tends to perform better in the short term and mid term, although the long term it will be on its own.

  3. Still bullish on this? Funds have been distributing since it hit a high of 47.5c last week. Oil and commodities have also slowed down.

  4. Hi don. Whats your take on noble now with its rights subscription?

  5. In my experience, the market SOP is to attempt to whack up the stock after ex-rights. After Noble rights corporate actions are completed, it will have more money on hand, and this often gives market confidence.

  6. Hi Don, wat is yr prediction of the upcoming Q2 results ? I am not sure whether has their financial environment got better since Q1 there was a big cut of 1.5b trading credit limit by banks, thus restricting their trading abilities. Furthermore, are they still paying price from before ? As in they booked future profit and balllooned the book for full past 5 years. How much black hole still exist after 1b writedown in 2015 is still unknown. Can pls advise ? Thanks...

  7. Hi Don, wat is yr prediction of upcoming Q2 results ? Positive cashflow ??

  8. After their rights issue, their cash flow position is better. With commodities rebound coming, noble will too. However, it is the weaker one among the commodity stocks, so the strong ones such as olam and wilmar will rebound first before noble group.