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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

EURGBP Technical Analysis For Your Learning: 9 March 2016, Wednesday, 6.06pm Singapore Time

EURGBP Technical Analysis For Your Learning: 
9 March 2016, Wednesday, 6.06pm Singapore Time

Attached is the daily chart of EURGBP with my longs entry earlier in the year, my stops and my profit taking point executed just now for your learning. I am taking all profits on EURGBP today.

This trade with superb set-up was executed together with my inner circle of graduate trainees in January this year. In fact, I was not the one who spotted it. One of the Graduate Trainees highlighted the set-up to me 2 months ago. After vetting his chart, I told him I will join him in this trade, with high confidence, and would join him big on it since the set-up was excellent and that his charting lines in the EURGBP weekly, daily and hourly charts presented to me were close to my high standards. They were convincing and for which I lavished my praises on. Our entries were with precision and some of their stops were even much tighter than mine. This trade set-up was shared within the Graduate Trainees' Elite Group Circle by the graduate trainee who spotted it.

To be honest, taking profits only today (due to greed to want for more) is not the best point for banking in of profits. The optimal was to take at the price satisfaction zone as illustrated by the orange line. However, a profit is still a profit, could had earned more, but earning less is just as good.

Above are the profits in (£) Great British Pound (GBP).
Below are the profits converted into (SD) Singapore Dollar (SGD).

Profits in this trade:
+ S$ 113,658 SGD

S$ 455,793 + S$ 113,658
= + S$ 569,451 SGD

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