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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

AUDNZD Technical Analysis For Your Learning: 16 March 2016, Wednesday, 7.50pm Singapore Time

AUDNZD Technical Analysis For Your Learning: 
16 March 2016, Wednesday, 7.50pm Singapore Time

Attached is the 4-hourly chart of AUDNZD with my technicals, longs entry point, stop-loss point and profit-taking point as shown. The series of break-outs after the entry is as shown too. The trade is taken in my previous live analysis when I said that the high profile shorts in China by hedge funds will cause AUDNZD pair to have a temporary short term spike. Previous live analysis as attached here:

 This is all executing right now, and as there is selling pressure in AUDNZD, I am beginning to take my profits on AUDNZD now. The end rewards is many folds the potential low risk as it turns out. This is what I term as an excellent trade, capitalizing on the herd's mistakes. If you belong to the herd, it is why you are always losing.

Above are the profits in ($NZ) New Zealand Dollar (NZD).
Below are the profits converted into (SD) Singapore Dollar (SGD).

Profits in this trade:
+ S$ 73,138 SGD

S$ 569,451 + S$ 73,138
= + S$ 642,589 SGD

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