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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

US Light Crude Oil (WTI Oil): 4 September 2018, Tuesday, 3.00pm Singapore Time

US Light Crude Oil (WTI Oil): 
4 September 2018, Tuesday, 3.00pm Singapore Time
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Attached is the 4-Hourly Crude Oil Technicals.
I am adding some more Longs on US Light Crude Oil (WTI Oil) @ 7004.5 points ($70.045 per barrel). Technicals as attached. Crude oil has broken up black resistance trend band as illustrated on chart. It has also broken up the 50MA and 200MA resistance and turned them into green supports. It has also backtested successfully the multiple smoothed MA in blue as support.
Take short term profits at 7344 points ($73.44 per barrel). Crude oil related stocks may have a buying pressure as well, especially those listed in the US markets.

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