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Thursday, 13 September 2018

NetFlix Inc (NASDAQ: NFLX): 13 September 2018, Thursday, 9.45pm Singapore Time

NetFlix Inc (NASDAQ: NFLX): 
13 September 2018, Thursday, 9.45pm Singapore Time
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Attached is the updated Technicals for NetFlix Inc (NASDAQ: NFLX). This is a stock which will rally regardless of big index performance, and will rally regardless of trade war or no trade war. The volume absorption by smart monies is as indicated on chart. Following that, the stock underwent a significant short-mid term re-accumulation of low volume with inverse Shoulder-Head-Shoulder formed in light green illustration. The inverse neckline is in dark green. The accumulation is completing. NetFlix will super rally to new highs as projected by the trajectory as on technical chart. $420 will break out upwards like a breeze. 

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