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Monday, 17 September 2018

TESLA Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA): 17 September 2018, Monday, 9.47pm Singapore Time

17 September 2018, Monday, 9.47pm Singapore Time
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Attached is the Technicals for TESLA Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA). The 2 light-green circled regions are my live warnings not to short TESLA with the high profile hedge funds' shorts out there, because there could be larger and stronger hands who are longs on Tesla based on Tesla Funds Flow card-counting of the volumes. The technical chart above illustrates the volume flow. Following my warning, Tesla has flipped and recaptured its broken-supports now (tentative fake breakdown). Market is rampant with Tesla shorts and Tesla is one of the most overcrowded shorts in the US Market now. If I am invisible hands, I will rock the boat and drown all the shorts out there. I am buying Tesla now @$291.62. Prolific Tesla buyers will drown out the prolific Tesla shorts in the short term and mid term.

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