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Saturday, 25 August 2018

SCTR Ranking and Scoring of All Commodities, Implications and What You Can Expect: 25 Aug 2018, Saturday, 1.22pm Singapore Time

Invesco Commodities' Tracking Fund (DBC) as Benchmark

One of my readers, Keng Chiaw, who made it a point to learn as much as possible from my insider techniques and skills, did an extensional analysis based on my previous SCTR Scoring. He did the SCTR on the universe of commodities. He used Invesco Commodities' Tracking Fund (DBC) as benchmark and compared various commodity futures.

Commodities' Technical Ranking As Follows.
Those that are above benchmark score (Outperforming: low downside and high upside) are highlighted with asterisk * below. In addition, stocks of companies related to these commodities will do particularly well and outperform all other commodity companies in 4Q-2018, 1H-2019 and 2H-2019 based on the below rankings. Note that even Invesco Commodities' Tracking Fund (DBC) is already bullish in price structure, hence those with scores above Invesco Commodities' Tracking Fund (DBC) are even more bullish and powerful than the already bullish Benchmark.

Benchmark score: 54.9

(1) Brent - 77.3 *(Above Benchmark Score)
(2) WTI - 68.4 *(Above Benchmark Score)
(3) Natural Gas - 60.9 * (Above Benchmark Score)

Soft Commodity:
(1) Cocoa - 62.6 *(Above Benchmark Score)
(2) Cotton - 43.4
(3) Palm oil - 33.4
(4) Rubber - 30.4
(5) Soybean oil - 30.2
(6) Soybean - 21.6
(7) Sugar - 10.7

Hard Commodity:
(1) Steel - 70.1 * (Above Benchmark Score)
(2) Aluminum - 62.0 * (Above Benchmark Score)
(3) Palladium - 41.1
(4) Iron - 38.0
(5) Gold - 38.0
(6) Silver - 29.9
(7) Copper - 26.5
(8) Tin - 27.5
(9) Platinum - 17.7
(10) Zinc - 4.9

In summary, the following are the most outstanding outperformers:
Brent Crude Oil, WTI Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Cocoa, Steel and Aluminium.

Lastly, this is what I had been emphasizing over the many years -- that if you read enough of my sharings which I do not charge a single cent, some of you will eventually outperform me in market analyzing skills and techniques, and in market performance, investment and trades as well. In this case, Keng Chiaw really impressed me. He definitely outperformed me with this kind of great work. Well done! I am really very impressed.

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