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Friday, 15 June 2018

Funds Flow of AT&T (NYSE: T): 15 June 2018, Friday, 4.38pm Singapore Time

Funds Flow of AT&T (NYSE: T): 
15 June 2018, Friday, 4.38pm Singapore Time
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Attached is the Very Long Term Funds Flow of AT&T that is listed in the US Market (NYSE: T). The 2 orange circled regions show why the breakouts were for chalking up of shorts and not for buying, because AT&T was already a funds outflow/sellers' market. Breakouts would fail (fake breaks) and resumption in breakdowns would take over because it is a sellers' and short-sellers' market for AT&T (funds flow outflow market). True enough, smart money shorts in Wall Street took over, as illustrated by the 2 red circled regions. AT&T is one of the most funds outflow stock now before price actions will take over to plunge it to historic low of the entire chart's time frame. $20-$22 support is destined to break down in current cyclic wave.

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