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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Funds Flow Analysis of Vivocom International (KLSE: 0069): 3 June 2018, Sunday, 5.37pm Singapore Time

Funds Flow Analysis of Vivocom International Holdings (KLSE: 0069): 
3 June 2018, Sunday, 5.37pm Singapore Time
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Attached is the Funds Flow of Vivocom International Holdings that is listed in the KLSE (KLSE: 0069). The start of 2011 is the start of operation of using multifold gains up and -50% price shedding for an up-down-up-down momentum to shake out the market. This is a very common operation for penny stocks because of its floating volume in the market, gain/loss as a percentage and the psychology involved. In most cases, penny stocks are often the last to run in a bull market, i.e. they can be engaged in a multifold up and momentuous price shedding of -50% to -90% for a long time (Large-Broad-U-Shape) before being rammed up by 1000% to 5000% in 1 year, only in the final phase of a bull run (to switch to true peak of bear market crash).

Additional Note:
This is how funds flow exhibits for penny stocks in an equities bull market. They do not have long term net outflow in bull market despite price down. In true bear market, they have true outflow.

Side Note:
Penny stocks is only for those with risk appetite and patience to wait for a -90% to -50% price shed to turn into +1000% to +5000% bump-up, hence is not for anyone normal. It is only for people with abnormal thoughts or abnormal appetite. The world is fair, if one wants abnormal profits, one often has to have abnormal stomach and patience.

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