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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

SembCorp Marine: 8 May 2018, Tuesday, 10.19am Singapore Time

Sembcorp Marine: 
8 May 2018, Tuesday, 10.19am Singapore Time
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Attached above is the Technicals for Sembcorp Marine which together with Keppel Corp dominates their industry. Sembcorp Marine is cushioned strongly by the moving average band of support. This band of supports have been absorbing all market sells from the retailers and from anyone who wants to sell. This is very bullish in nature. The moving average band of supports will be used to launch further uptrends. The technical price structure is as follows:

Long Term: Bullish (Uptrend)
Mid Term: Correction
Short Term: Sideway
Immediate Term: Correction
(Bad news is never able to cause this stock to go below moving average band that is acting as a strong band of support for its general uptrend: Bullish. More uptrend expected)

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