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Friday, 4 May 2018

Funds Flow Analysis of Hi-P: 4 May 2018, Friday, 3.57pm Singapore Time

Funds Flow Analysis of Hi-P: 
4 May 2018, Friday, 3.57pm Singapore Time
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Attached above is the Funds Flow of Hi-P that is listed in the Singapore SGX.
The 2 Red Boxes and 2 Brown Circled Regions are where markets rose, but remained as a Net Sellers' Market. These regions aligned with my fore-warnings in January 2018 to get out of tech stocks and to rotate from tech stocks into energy and crude oil stocks. The markets are executing per my January 2018 fore-warnings that monies will rotate out of technology sector and into Energy and Crude Oil Sectors. Tech stocks in the area of hardware, chips and semi-conductor had been bleeding severely, while Crude Oil prices had rallied internationally. From the looks on the tech sector outflow, it can be quite reasonable to conclude that the Trade War between China and US in the technology, telecommunications and high tech front is for real. This is the true G spot -- chips, hardware makers and semi-conductor companies will continue to feel the hit and heat.

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