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Monday, 13 February 2017

Reuters-Jefferies CRB Commodities Index: 13 February 2017, Monday, 2.15pm Singapore Time

Reuters-Jefferies CRB Commodities Index: 
13 February 2017, Monday, 2.15pm Singapore Time

Attached above is the Reuters-Jefferies CRB Commodities Index. The commodities and commodity stocks' super rally was forewarned in 2016 right at the absolute bottom. This is an reiteration on commodities and commodity stock buys before the super break up comes for the super rally. Global commodities and commodity stocks worldwide will step up gear, accelerate and further shoot through the roof from 2017 on. Commodity stocks all over the world will give multi-fold profits of at least 2x-3x returns and at least +100% to +200% in profits. You had been warned before prices move in the worldwide financial markets. Anyone who misses the rising boat will regret big time as this is a major wealth-making opportunity. 

DNA Technical Rating:
Very Bullish
(Shoot through the roof)

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