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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Artivision: 9 February 2017, Thursday, 11.55am Singapore Time

Artivision: 9 February 2017, Thursday, 11.55am Singapore Time

Attached above is the technicals of Artivision, a penny stock listed in the Singapore SGX. The red boxed regions are my live warnings on small and mid caps sell-off before it came. The green boxed regions are my live warnings in 2H-2016 of markets' bottom to come amidst the gloom and doom of 2016, as well as the launch of penny stock rallies, during which I warned to watch out for volumes and that Artivision was one of them. The trinity points of INVERSE Bump-and-Run marks the set up to determine a rock abyss of true bottom. The in-depth explosive volume techniques of Smart Monies are also illustrated on chart. Read slowly and take your time to digest and assimilate. Artivision will make significant multi-bagger-multifold gains from here.


Side-way and breaking out of the ranging


DNA Technical Rating on Artivision:
Very Bullish with more upsides to come in whole of 2017

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