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Saturday, 4 February 2017

AVI-Tech: 4 February 2017, Saturday, 3.20pm Singapore Time

4 February 2017, Saturday, 3.20pm Singapore Time

Attached above is the technicals of AVI-Tech, a semi-conductor stock that is listed in Singapore. Someone asked about this stock, and after looking at it, it seemed interesting to me as the technical analysis (bearish ascending wedge) may sometimes put a big bluff to whether it is actually bullish or bearish. Hence here is an alternative litmus test using what I call DNA Logic Analysis. Above shows the in-depth volume flow analysis. Assuming there is 26m + 15m = 51m shares held at cheap prices where 1m = 1 million, even if 18m shares in late-2016 is a pump and dump, there are still quite some amount of shares to unload. Hence, there is much more room to go up before distribution can come. Also, based on healthy volume flow, that 18m-shares volume flow in late-2016 is likely not a bump-and-run. Judgement: more bullishness ahead for this strong stock. In addition, I had also noted that semi-conductor stocks worldwide are in high bullish mode. So it may be worth taking the time to go hunting for good semi-conductor and semi-conductor-related stocks to invest in.




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