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Monday, 12 December 2016

Nikkei 225, the Japanese Stock Market and The Great 2nd Rise of Japan

Nikkei 225, the Japanese Stock Market and The Great 2nd Rise of Japan

Parliament has ratified the supposedly "dead" Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement now

For those following me closely, I had previously called for a bullish buy on the Nikkei-225 Index, the Japanese stocks and Japanese ETFs. Refer to my past live trades as below, in which I am currently sitting with very deep profits:
http://donovan-ang.blogspot.sg/2016/11/nikkei-225-super-cycle-resistance.html (The 2nd Rise of Japan: analysis made on 24 Nov 2016)

I had also pointed out previously after my buy-ins that the Japanese stock market has been rallying non-stop since Donald Trump was elected as president of the US. Japan and Shinzo Abe seems to know something. He is the only foreign dignatary to have met the newly elected president. If you are not smelling a rat, you better should. And better rush in to buy more Japanese company stocks, Japanese market ETFs listed in the NYSE and the Nikkei-225 Stock Indices. The biggest trump in the Game of Bridge is to show your Trump Card Series out of the blue, letting everyone fall off from their chair big time. I would suspect that TPP may be revived in a mutated form or in another branding, or in the Chinese saying, changing the soup (exterior) but not changing the medicine (complex core). Whatever it is, Japan is very bullish (buy and hold) and will break up 20,000 points ferociously for a 28,000 points estimated target:

Smelling a rat is enough to make money and ride the prices up, there is no need to even determine what type of rat (contents) one has smelled.

News Article (Singapore Business Times): 
Why did Japan's Parliament ratify 'dead' TPP agreement?
(an excellent article written by the Business Times)

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