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Monday, 12 December 2016

Kris Energy: 12 December 2016, Monday, 10.31pm Singapore Time

Kris Energy: 
12 December 2016, Monday, 10.31pm Singapore Time

Kris Energy stock is a special request made by a follower asking if I could do an analysis of the stock for him. As he had taken every effort to click like on many of my posts, always grateful of me in sharing my analyses, it is only right that I devote much of my time to do a more in-depth analysis for him as a sincere gesture to reciprocate his kindness. Afterall, gratitude is a golden virtue. 

The light orange zones are my live warnings in early 2016 calling for a crude oil commodity true bottom (THE ROCK BOTTOM). As Singapore stock market lags behind the crude oil market, the volume for crude oil stocks came only in 2Q and 3Q of 2016, during which I repeatedly did many analyses on crude-oil-related stocks calling for massive buys on them at the true bottom. Some of the examples include Ezra, Ezion, Charisma Energy, Chesapeake Energy Corp (NYSE-listed), Magnus Energy, Geo Energy, Loyz Energy and Phillips 66 (NYSE-listed). If that is not enough, I even went to my Facebook wall and Facebook forum to directly say that KrisEnergy, KeppelCorp, Sembcorp, Chevron, Shell etc had all bottomed as there were just too much to post as chart analyses.

For Kris Energy, 0.31 is the first target (take half profits), 0.60 is the second target (take half profits of the remaining half left), and $1 area is the final target (take all profits of whatever is left if it does come and for which I cannot see so far yet)

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Bullishness will be continued in 2017 in my forewarned Worldwide Stock Markets' Super Rally.

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