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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Natural Cool: 14 December 2016, Wednesday

Natural Cool: 14 December 2016, Wednesday

Attached above is the technicals for Natural Cool, a penny stock that is listed in the Singapore SGX.
It has broken up with high volume under the background of Smart Money huge enormous longs in worldwide financial markets. This is all in accordance to my live fore-warnings in 2Q and 3Q 2016, during the maximum gloom and doom, that all penny stocks will do multi-bagger multi-fold super rally in 2H-2016 and 2017. One just needs to watch out for unusual volumes and top volumes every day if one is an active speculator. A rising tide will lift almost all boats during pessimism, and STI will rally beyond 4000 points.

For 2017, stock markets worldwide will proceed to the phase of repeatedly doing rotation among 1st-tier blue-chips-big-caps, followed by 2nd tier mid-caps, then 3rd tier small caps, finally 4th tier China Stocks, and going back to 1st tier blue chips and the process repeats. Penny stocks and small caps will continue to outperform. From weakness, we will have sudden strength worldwide and the strength will trickle down to small companies.

Side Note:
I will not chase after Natural Cool as chasing high prices is risky although rewarding. Instead, one should look for stocks which have not run up much yet if one is a speculator. Quality mid caps remain the best approach for best of both world: in terms of high beta volatility and reasonable safety.

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