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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Tiger Resources Limited: 7 December 2014, Sunday, 4.22pm Singapore Time

Tiger Resources Limited: 7 December 2014, Sunday, 4.22pm Singapore Time

Attached above is the weekly chart of Tiger Resources that is listed in the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: TGS)

28.8cents-29.0cents RED Line as highlighted above is a critical bull-bear line for this commodity stock.
Whenever 28.8-29.0cents resistance breaks up, it goes on a multi-fold rocket to the moon within a short time frame to signal that this is the last line penny stocks in play and is a hint for the broad market's bear market to take over.

This happened at the dotcom bubble bust-up/9-11 terrorist attack area in 2000-2001 of the timeline during which world economies suffered a fierce bear attack.

This happened again in the 2006-2007 last wave bull market when 3rd or 4th tier (last tier) penny stocks went into play for rocket up, signalling a fierce bear market to take over again. The US financial crisis took place in 2008.

The same happened in end-2011, except that this time such stocks were fiercely being unloaded with 2014 as the decider for high volume break-down. This suggested that across the broad markets, smart money and big hands were all leaving the financial markets. It was A MASS EXODUS.

Now, tally this with all my early-2014 warnings of MASS EXODUS of smart monies, hot monies and big funds from the financial markets. 

Tally also with this in depth analysis:

They are all in sync.
Another synchronizing example to take note:

Penny stocks such as Tiger Resources Ltd that is listed in Australia is just further proof of how everything is in synchronous mode: the stocks, equities, properties, REITS, bonds and general financial markets are all transiting to long term bear markets. 

This pre-christmas and year end windows dressing which will be a bear dressed up in santa bull costume is for unloading stocks into a general bear market transition. Those stocks that are unable to even pretend to rally with a positive funds flow analysis result (refer my daily FFA) are the ones confirming their bear markets before the other strong stocks will do so. Weak stocks in worldwide stock markets always confirm their general bear first; strong stocks will be the last to do so.

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