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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

AUDUSD: 3 December 2014, Wednesday, 9.00am Singapore Time

AUDUSD: 3 December 2014, Wednesday, 8.55am Singapore Time

Attached above is the chart of AUDUSD (Aussie Dollar):

Important points:
1. Successful grey resistance followed up with breakdown of dark brown classical support at $0.92000
2. Light blue support band at 0.88492-0.89043 broken down and tested successfully as resistance.
3. Critical Red support band at 0.85443-0.86577 broken down successfully.
4. Clear show of intentions: Bearish Bias and Downfall bias
5. Commodities bear market is still on-going as warned in 2013.
6. Take profits of all AUDUSD shorts and turn longs slowly at below $0.80000

Donovan Norfolk Technical Rating:
Maintains Bearishness on Aussie Dollar 
Carry on to short on rebounds

All past AUDUSD analyses/trades with track records:

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