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Saturday, 24 November 2012

WILMAR: 24 November 2012, Saturday, 1.20pm Singapore Time

WILMAR: 24 November 2012, Saturday, 1.20pm Singapore Time

Above attached is the Technical Analysis of Wilmar International. 

For the entire 2012, I have been extremely bearish of Wilmar, always calling for a SHORT on this stock even before I started the "DONOVAN'S MARKET ANALYSIS" site. However, I am reversing my judgement on Wilmar after its consolidation for 4 months.

Wilmar LONGS is in tally with my BIG MARKET Funds Flow Analysis as big hands are longs in the big markets.

The above YELLOW shaded region represents a consolidation to reverse the trend and attack upwards now. $3.12-$3.15 represents good entry opportunities with stop-loss at just below $3.00.

Upside is as high as $4.68 (1st target) and $5.60 (2nd target) or when Funds Flow Analysis indicates a sell, whichever is earlier.

Overall, Donovan View on Wilmar:
BUY with Cautions

I am also reversing from Bearish mode into Bullish mode for worldwide markets in the short term now (Indices, Stocks, Big Directions, Euro). 


  1. Market recently is bullish, this guy is still trapped in a triangle, with very little movement, the big movement could be going south instead, but let's see. (Indo and other agri stocks are not doing well as well)

  2. Hi Cune,

    The following was my reply to someone, so I thought I would put it here to reply you too.

    Actually such buying before breakup has the highest reward because the stop loss at the breakdown price is still near; higher risk usually have higher rewards.

    For buying after breakup, you usually have to wait for it to retrace (and it is hard to know where and when it will retrace and subject one to missing the most of the run), and also buying on immediate breakups subject one to nasty shakeouts too. Hence considering everything in totality, buying within the triangle poses better reward-risk ratio.

    So to be safest of the safest, spread ur buys; buy abit inside the triangle and decide only after the break up or break down.
    My suspicion is because the triangle is so nice, it may do a fake breakdown before the real break up, which wld definitely whip many longs and shorts both within one swooping kill

    As overall mkt FFA is longs, that's why my take on wilmar is go Long.

    That's my view.
    I may be wrong though.
    Hope it helps.