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Monday, 19 November 2012

USD Index: 19 November 2012, Monday, 8.45pm

USD Index: 19 November 2012, Monday, 8.45pm

Attached is the latest USD Index Chart. Since last year August, I have always been bullish of the USD despite all the US Quantitative Easings (QEs), Money Printings and the Doom Sayers' glooms about the US Dollar. 

Remember, the herd majority are to make losses following logic. The more logic you have, the more you lose.
The financial markets are never easy.

In contrast to DONOVAN BULLISH RATING ON USD, Donovan Rating on Gold maintains SELL/SHORT/DUMP ON GOLD (the over-whelming majority of market participants see gold having almost zero probability of falling/correcting sharply).

The chart above illustrates all the LONG/BUY ENTRIES AS ABOVE. 80.50 within the LONG/BUY 4 is the optimal zone within the  LONG/BUY 4. Market does not necessarily give the optimal entry though. 

Cut all USD longs if market breaks down BLUE Support Trendline.

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