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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Olam International: 20 November 2012, Tuesday, 1.55pm

Olam International: 20 November 2012, Tuesday, 1.55pm

Olam trading HALT,
Market Depth of 20 November 2012, 1.35pm:
Set to open at -16.7% PLUNGE

"Olam Plunges After Muddy Waters’ Carson Block in USA Questions Accounts
The supplier of 20 agricultural goods from cocoa to rubber halted its
shares from trading in Singapore today, after it fell 21 percent in
over-the-counter trading in New York yesterday, according to data compiled
by Bloomberg. The company is booking profits on transactions before it’s
clear how the deals will work out over time, Block said."

Based on my T.A, below were my CRITICAL WARNINGS on OLAM posted on 12-August-2012 and 26-August-2012:

Back in August, with 2 separate analyses, I warned that Olam Escape Wave had ended, its technical damage severe, intentional shorts were made by Big Hands and I illustrated in those analyses how Big Hands pulled up the price to escape, to distribute, to run, how and when they executed their shorts, as well as when they executed each and every of their respective individual operations. In particular, the analysis that I wrote in Chinese for the Chinese readers was very detailed. All with foresight of what was to happen.

Today, Olam is halted with market depth as above attached and set to open at -16.7% PLUNGE, breaking immediate critical support (not the end yet as my mid-term target of $0.90 projection has not been met yet).


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