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Monday, 2 April 2018

Funds Flow Analysis of QT Vascular: 2 April 2018, Monday, 9.30pm Singapore Time

Funds Flow Analysis of QT Vascular: 
2 April 2018, Monday, 9.15pm Singapore Time
(Click on FFA Chart above to Expand)

Attached is the Funds Flow for QT Vascular. 
Technical Analysis: Bearish
Fundamental Analysis: Very Bearish
Funds Flow Analysis: Very Bullish

A stock that is to be treated like trading of warrants and options -- not for buying big but for buying small where the aim is to turn a small sum like $1k into $10k for instance with the trader knowing that he /she is bearing a decent probability risk of it going to zero value like warrants and options, yet able to sleep well at night (due to very small position) with winning probability better than buying of lottery and probability of hitting a big jackpot reasonably there. QT Vascular is not for risk-averse people and not for weak-hearted people, as it is a high risk stock (look at the balance sheet to understand why that the FA is a turn-off). QT Vascular is an interesting case study for financial market research and observation.

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